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Why should we send our removables to Murray Kaizer?

Murray Kaizer Dental Lab specializes in removable appliances as it is all we do! We concentrate on what we are good at, which is getting the job done right to minimize post-insertion adjustments. Our vast experience helps us anticipate problems and adjust our fabrication to help eliminate potential issues that laboratories with multiple specialities might fail to notice.

Your fees appear to be higher than the lab I’m currently using. Why should I pay more?

While our fees may appear higher than our competitors, it is due to the many add-ons we include in our base pricing. While our competitors charge an extra fee for each item, we choose to charge a flat rate that is comparable if not lower than other dental laboratories.


The following are examples of items that are included in our base pricing:

• Survey and case design
• Estimates 
• Lucitone 199 used for all processing 
• High impact denture bases included with all processing
• Trouble shooting

We have had problems with turnaround time when working with other laboratories. How can you help us with that?

We strive to accommodate doctors and patients schedules by helping with delivery, and even encourage patients to drop off or pick up cases from the lab to minimize turnaround time. Below you will find our average turnaround times for various types of cases from the date that we receive the case.


Case Type                                                                           Turnaround Time

RPD Framework                                                                10 -12 working days

Finish and Process (Dentures/RPD)                               5 - 7 working days

Set Teeth and Finish Wax Up (Dentures/RPD)             5 - 7 working days

Reset                                                                                    4 - 5 working days    

Bite Rim                                                                              4 - 5 working days

Custom Tray                                                                       4 - 5 working days

Flipper                                                                                 2 - 3 working days

Mouthguards/Nightguards                                              5 - 6 working days

Stents                                                                                   4 - 5 working days

Repairs                                                                                 1 - 2 working days

Relines/Reconstruct                                                           1 - 2 working days

Cast Coping with Post                                                        3 - 4  working days

What type of metal do you use for cast partial frameworks?

Listed below are the types of metals which we use for fabricating partial dentures:


Wironium (A premium alloy that has high biocompatibility and corrosion resistance, it is also highly resistant to deformation due to high elongation and modulus of elasticity)


Nobilstar Ultra (A nitrogen enriched metal with increased flexural strength, it has a high degree of elasticity and a high brilliant finish)


Type IV Gold (NEY ORO4)

We have had problems matching tooth color, how can you help us with that?

Our laboratory has a wide variety of denture shade guides along with color corrected lighting to aid in the selection of the patient’s correct shade. In addition, we are more than happy to loan the shade guides to any doctor. Our tooth inventory is unparalleled and any tooth we do not have in stock we can order and have in 24 hours.

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