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Murray Kaizer began his lifelong career as a dental technician in 1935, at the age of 15, delivering parcels throughout the Lower East Side of New York City. Six years later, after developing his technical skills, a job opportunity led him to Hartford, Connecticut where he held four other jobs in addition to working as a dental technician, to support his growing family. In 1948, Murray, a visionary, was offered a partnership in a dental laboratory located in Bristol, Connecticut where he spent the next twelve years perfecting his craft. Murray was finally able to realize his lifelong dream and in 1962, with his wife Gertrude managing the accounts and delivering the cases, Murray Kaizer Dental Laboratory was incorporated.


Ron became the first child to join the business in July of 1973. His background in electrical engineering and expertise in full dentures helped launch Murray Kaizer’s cast partial department. His engineering mindset helped him design cast partial frameworks using both previously proven methods and techniques he creatively designed. Ron gained proficiency and was able to become a certified dental technician in both full and partial dentures.


Murray and Gert’s daughter, Marvis, joined the family business in 1985. A registered dental hygienist, she created the customer service department which fosters doctor-laboratory relations. Her excellence at initiating and maintaining those relationships is why her outreach skills are the standard still utilized by the Murray Kaizer Family.


Today, Murray Kaizer, Inc. is located in Farmington, Connecticut and is solely operated by Murray and Gert’s youngest son, Jerry, who has worked in the family business since 1976. His three daughters, Hannah, Emily and Sarah have also joined him in various roles within the lab. Looking at the state-of-the-art facility and the growing Murray Kaizer Family, it is hard to imagine that all of this grew out of the efforts of that hardworking young couple from New York. At a second glance, however, it is clear that their spirit and passion for excellence is still the core of our family business. 


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