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I have been working with Murray Kaizer dental lab for over 10 years and am grateful for my association with them. They are professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. I have learned much from them and know they are willing to help me obtain the best results possible. Their work is excellent and exact. 

Jerry and his entire team are amazing.... Murray Kaizer is a lab that regularly provides me with the candor and proficient solutions necessary to offer the best possible care for my patients. I enjoy conferring and learning from Jerry and the team...Todd offers a valued perspective that surpasses the average professional case assessment. He is always willing to go the extra mile and troubleshoot a complex case without delaying insertion time. 

Dr. Matthew Rogers

Manchester, Connecticut

Working with the professionals at Murray Kaizer lab is like have my own 'in-house' lab. They take pride in the work that they provide and are involved in the case from treatment planning to completion. I especially appreciate the knowledge that their lead technicians have in assisting me in planning difficult implant cases.

Working with John is like working with my own 'personal lab technician.' John and I are able to discuss, plan and treat even the most difficult cases completely and quickly. I really appreciate knowing that my patients are getting one of the best lab technicians working on their case and I have the added comfort of knowing that the cases will be exactly the way that we designed them. That peace of mind is priceless nowadays...When I get a case back from Murray Kaizer, I just know it's going to be right!

Dr. Mike Maroon

Berlin, Connecticut

Dear Jerry and Staff,

Thank you for all that you do for myself, my practice, my restorative dentists and my patients. Working with you and your team has made me a better surgeon. I have learned a lot from listening to you speak and watching how your team handles these difficult cases. Your level of skill, experience and expertise is beyond most and yet you always remain easy to converse with and encouraging. 

My restorative doctors certainly understand and feel more comfortable with full arch cases ... cases that many would have previously been intimidated by. You have opened my eyes to additional ways that we can treat edentulous patients, helped me to navigate through some very difficult and challenging cases, and continue to support myself and my practice in so many ways. 

It is always a pleasure to have your team in our offices, and you make it easy and seamless to plan and execute these involved cases. Having a lab team that I trust as much as I do yours, is integral to the planning, executing and successful outcomes of these full arch cases. Preparing these cases together allows the day of surgery to go as planned with rare exception. 

Thank you again for developing this partnership with us and I am looking forward to the many future years of working with you and your amazing staff. 

Marshall Kurtz, D.M.D.

New Milford, Connecticut

Jerry and Kaizer Dental Laboratory,


I have been a client of yours for almost twenty years, and you have done virtually all of my removable prostheses for most of that time. Your products are exemplary, whether it is a small single-tooth flipper or an advanced fixed-hybrid cad-cam bar on 6 implants.


Over the years, I have come to trust your judgment in achieving excellent prosthetic appliances for my patients. Occasionally, I have had to backup and retake an impression or a bite at your suggestion in order for you to give the information needed to complete the next phase, but I have come to trust that you are “watching my back.” I value your visionary input as we look forward to the final prosthesis. You make me look good when I can insert a denture and pretend to tweak something to perfection, knowing that it really was just perfect. I just feel that I need to do something to make it better. Unfortunately, most patients do not appreciate the distinction between a quality product and mediocrity, but Dentists do, and I do. Perfection does not happen by accident; it requires precision from the impression to the models to the set-up, burnout and final polish. Thank you for doing your part, above and beyond the norm.


Jerry, over the years, I have come to know that your favorite saying is, “I can do the improbable, but not the impossible,” but even then, you and your team come through for me. Your innovative lab has figured it out, blending clinical dentistry with the Art of Laboratory Dentistry.


I highly recommend Murray Kaizer Dental Laboratory for any dentist interested in providing high quality removable dental prostheses. Please feel free to use my name or this unsolicited letter to promote your laboratory.

David L. Fried, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.

Yalesville, Connecticut

I have only worked with one lab during my 25+ year dental career, and the quality is still as consistent and predictable as it was the first time I met Jerry and the Murray Kaizer team. Aligning with MKDL saves chair time without compromising patient outcomes. 


Kim is one of the best CDTs in the business. She has a keen eye for teeth selection and arrangement, and understands what it will look like a patient’s mouth. She is an invaluable part of the Murray Kaizer experience, and is a big reason I continue to use them 25+ years later. 

I want to express my appreciation for what your laboratory has meant to my patients and my practice of removable dentistry. Under the stewardship of Murray, Marvis, Ron and yourself, my skills and prosthetics have flourished and risen to a new level that is unsurpassed! Murray Kaizer Dental Lab Inc. has made it all possible with attention to detail, great words of wisdom and the ability to get the case in a timely manner. Over the years the names have changed to John, Tommy, Todd, Hannah and Sarah but the product is still first-rate and the service first-class! Times and materials may change, but Murray Kaizer Inc. still remains at the forefront of removable dental prosthetics with great people and impeccable work…Murray would be very proud of the lab that carries his name!

Anthony V. Amato, D.M.D.

West Hartford, Connecticut

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