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We offer free consultations for any new or existing dental practice. In addition, we offer chairside coaching for technically challenging areas and regularly visit dental offices to discuss our services and new products.



We provide a number of solutions to help a doctor successfully plan a course of treatment. We offer survey and design for removable partial dentures. A doctor may supply us with study models of a particular case so we can return the diagnostic casts with accurate drawings for predictable results. The drawings can also be forwarded to your office through digital imagery via the internet. We are available during any working day to communicate directly with a doctor via the telephone, the internet or written correspondence.



We stand behind all the work we fabricate for a reasonable period of time. Should an issue arise, we will analyze the situation to determine what the source of dissatisfaction is and how best to remedy the situation. 



We offer pickup and delivery services for all of our accounts. We service most of our accounts within a 25 mile radius with our own fleet of vehicles. Outside of that area we use other carriers to ensure reliable pickup and delivery.



We offer quick repair services and are happy to work with any account to accommodate a patient's special requests. In some instances, we may ask the patient to either pick-up or drop-off their appliance.



Let your patients benefit from excellent seam welds due to our laser welders pin-point accuracy! Our state-of-the-art laser welder is an excellent alternative to traditional soldering procedures as it gives us the ability to weld clasps, cast sections, Titanium or even gold. Whether we are fabricating a new appliance or repairing an existing one, our laser welder allows us the ability to work with any type of metal.

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