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At Murray Kaizer Dental Laboratory our department managers bring over three quarters of a century of combined dental technology expertise to their benches each and every day. Our family is committed to quality craftsmanship that impresses not only the dentists we work with, but more importantly the patients wearing the appliances. Our unique, collaborative approach allows us to work side-by-side with our doctors to form unparalleled technical and customer service. While each case is unique, our goal is to make the process as seamless as possible with maximum results.


Removable Implant Specialties

·     Attachment retained partials

·     Semi-Precision partials

·     Implant retained oversleeves

·     Provide CAD/CAM Hybrids


Due to the variety and complexity of these appliances all pricing is done individually. Please call for a quote.

Specialty Products

·     Cagenix

·     Avadent

·     All-on-Four/DIEM II Conversions

·     Overdenture partials

·     Provide custom abutments

·     Cast copings with attachments

·     Cast post and core direct pattern castings

Flexible Denture Bases

·     Myerson DuraFlex resin

·     FRS

·     Four pink shades and clear in combination        with metal

·     Tooth colored or clear clasps in                              combination with Lucitone199 acrylic

·     Tooth colored, pink or clear clasp arms

·     Tooth colored clasp arms inserted in                    standard denture base

·     Clear abrasion resistant nightguards

·     Acetyl Resin Nesbit (fabricated in all teeth          shades)

Mouthguards, Nightguards & Bruxism Splints 

·     Vacuum formed (clear or colored)

·     Hard only

·     Hard and soft combination

·     Hard only with ball clasp retention

·     FRS clear

·     Elastomer sports guard

·     Elastomer (clear or colored)

·     Gelb appliances

·     Acrylic or cast metal

·     Sports guards

·     Bleaching trays

·     Mouth guards with cuspid rise

·     Anterior guidance

·     Ramps of posterior disocclusion


·     Stone model

·     Die Keen model

·     Epoxy model

·     Implant model with gingival mask

·     Duplicate model

·     Stud model

Cast Removables

·     Wironium

·     Nobilstar Ultra

·     Type IV Gold

·     Cast partial upper

·     Cast partial lower

·     Cast buried bars

·     Coleman mesh

·     Shipman bases

·     Cast palates

·     Nesbit (1, 2, or 3 teeth)

·     Metal backed veneers

·     Metal tuberosities

·     Metal retromolar pads

·     Metal full tooth replacements

·     Obturators

·     Custom fabricated metal attachment                    housing

·     Onlays

·     Swinglock partial

·     Slant Lock overdenture

·     Cast Gelb appliances with acrylic or                      metal occlusals/ Metal backed veneers

·     Boxings/Tube teeth

·     Rotational path partial

·     Wrought wire clasps

·     Combination cases with attachments                  include, but not limited to:

      o Bredent

      o Ceka

      o Dalla Bona

      o ERA

      o Hader

      o Lew Passive

      o Locator

      o O-SO

      o Rhein83

      o Rothermann

      o Semi-Precision

      o Tach EZ

      o Zaag

      o Zest


·     Custom tray

·     Custom tray with acrylic handle

·     Custom perforated tray

·     Open implant tray

·     Closed implant tray

·     Segmented custom tray

·     Ivolen tray


·     Anterior only

·     Anterior with posterior bite-block

·     Straight line

·     Lingualized occlusion

·     Anatomical

·     Neutral zone

·     Implants setups

·     Diagnostic setups

·     Setups using Celera technique


·     Laser Welding

·     Electrowelding

·     Cast sections with welds

Vacuum Formed Appliances

·     Bleaching trays

·     Essix retainers with pontics

·     Sports guards with straps

·     Fluoride trays

·     Eggshells


·     Implant retained overdentures

·     Implant retained partial overdentures

·     Custom attachments

·     Provide custom abutments

·     Clear implant surgical stents

·     Clear or tinted with radiographic teeth                for surgical planning

·     Clear or tinted denture replica with or                  without guidance holes and markers

·     Radio-opaque teeth

·     Essix retainers

·     Tooth colored acetyl resin Nesbit

·     Eggshells

·     Soft tissue models

·     Verification jigs

·     Provide CAD-CAM titanium bars


·     Light cured base (standard)

·     Heat cured processed bases

·     Implant bites with retentive components

·     Intra-oral tracing devices (Gothic Arch)

Acrylic Finishes

·     Standard finish Lucitone 199 (available in            four denture base shades and clear)

·     Success injection with Lucitone 199

·     Ivocap

·     Permasoft reline

·     Temporary/surgical dentures

·     Gasket dentures

·     Flippers

·     Neutral Zone

·     Implant finishing

·     Characterized dentures

·     Duplicate dentures

·     Embedded mesh

·     Rugae

·     Patient identification tags

·     Relines

·     Rebases

·     Reconstruction

·     Cast reinforcing substructures

·     Reset and reconstruct misaligned dentures        and partials

Repairs & Relines

·     Add teeth to existing appliance

·     Repair cracked or missing acrylic

·     Replace worn or broken teeth

·     Convert partials to full dentures

·     Weld sections

·     Rehabilitate cast clasps

·     Add wire retainers or mesh for strength

·     Wrought buccal arm clasps

·     Combo clasps

·     Reline


·     Dentsply Portrait IPN

·     Dentsply Bioform IPN

·     Dentsply Bioblend IPN

·     Ivoclar PE

·     Ivoclar Blue Line

·     Ivoclar Phonares

·     Vita-Pan

·     Vita 3D Master

·     Geneva Swissdent

·     Gold accented teeth

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